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Group Class

Group Exercise Formats - Join the Fun!


Barre+ - Combines Ballet fitness and Pilates-inspired movements.  This class not only burns fat and calories, but will also tone, sculpt, and elongate muscles. Modifications offer a great workout for all fitness levels.  This low impact class is a perfect complement to your current fitness routine.  Instructor: Audra

BodySculpt – Established barbell class that strengthens your entire body.  This workout challenges every muscle group by using the best weight-room exercises like squats, presses, lifts, and curls.  Great music, awesome instructors, and your choice of weight inspire you to get the results you want, and fast!  Be Warned!  It will change the shape of your body. 

Instructors:  Brenda, Kamasia, Melanie, Danna, Lori

Boot Camp Conditioning – Get ready for an intense, high-energy workout using interval training and a variety of equipment.  You’ll work on strength, stamina, agility, and balance. * This is an outside class when weather permits, otherwise in Group Fitness Room.  Instructor:  Sherry

Cardio Combatives-  Kick Boxing!  A high energy workout using a combination of upper and lower body kickboxing routines with a touch of Martial Arts that challenge cardio capacity, and strength.  This is a terrific cross-training class enhancing functional fitness such as balance and flexibility. Instructor: Lori

Centered - This workout focuses on developing strength through the core of the body—the back, abdomen, and hips.  It not only works strength but also flexibility and coordination. It is structured to help relax and center the body.  

Instructor:  Amy 

Crunch at Lunch – It's a quick half hour class for those who want an in and out workout at lunch.  This class is strength oriented with a splash of aerobic exercise worked in. Class format rotations (TRX, Bosu, Kettle Bell, Kickboxing) on Wednesdays. Instructors:  Laurie, Lori

Insanity- MAX interval training which uses cardio, plyometric drills, strength and power for the ultimate conditioning program.  Features longer periods of high intensity exercises with short periods of rest.  Not for the faint of heart.

Instructors:   Evenings and Saturdays; Speedy, 

SpinCycle – This class is held on specially designed stationary bikes that simulate outdoor bikes.  The instructor will lead you on a bicycle journey set to music.  You stay in control of the workout intensity by adjusting pedal resistance and adding advanced moves. Instructors: 5:15 AM, Cynthia, 8:00 AM, Amy, 5:15 PM John

PowerPlay– This dynamic total body workout uses kettle bells!  Explosive exercises work major muscles, burn body fat, build power, and torch calories! It truly combines unique strength training with a touch of cardio.  Your core will be at its strongest guaranteed.

Instructor:  Lori

“Vital Moves” /SilverSneakers®  Have fun and move to the music through a variety of exercises designed to increase muscular strength, range of movement, and activity for daily living skills.  Hand-held weights, elastic tubing with handles, and a ball are offered for resistance and a chair is used for seated and/or standing support.  Instructor – Lori

Step Aerobics +– Jump start your week with a major calorie burn – 30 minutes of step aerobics with 30 minutes PIYO.    Beginners are welcome and encouraged to take breaks during the cardio challenges.  Instructor – Speedy

Super Saturday*8:00am – The first Saturday of every month is a Circuit Plus,  the second is Insanity, the third is small group training , and the fourth is Spinning.  Schedule may change depending on whether there is a change in instructor.  All other Saturdays are instructor’s choice.  Instructors – Melanie, Sandy, Speedy, Brad

TRX – Make your body your machine!  It’s a suspension trainer class that is safe and effective for people of all fitness levels.  Your entire core and body is engaged to stabilize and balance the body in a functional way.    Instructors: Dana, Erin

All classes are one hour long unless noted differently.

Formats are subject to change. A class must consist of at least 2 or more people.  

Cancellations are posted on Health Pointe’s Facebook page.   Please contact Health Pointe with any comments, questions, or suggestions.